Hello and welcome to my official website! My name is Shangrila Rendon and I am a Filipino Ultra Triathlete and the Guinness World Record Holder as the Fastest Female to complete the International Ultra Triathlon Association (IUTA) World Cup Quintuple race (5 Ironman race  in 5 consecutive days with a total distance of 703 miles, comprising of 12 mi swim, 560 mi bike, 131 mi run) as of 2015. At 24, I was a non-runner, non-cyclist and non-swimmer. In fact, I was only running 15 minutes on a treadmill until the age of 25. I did not have a bike, was afraid of water and did not know how to swim until the age of 29. I am a sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, eating disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and severe depression survivor. I am also a recovering alcoholic.

10 years forward at 34 years old, I became the first Filipino (female/male) to take on the Ultraman challenge (6.2 mi swim, 261.4 mi bike, 52.4 mi run), first female Filipino to complete Double Anvil (4.8 mi swim, 224 mi bike, 52.4 mi run) and first Filipino (male/female) to finish and make the world record as the fastest female in Quintuple ultra triathlon race (Ironman x 5 or 12 mi swim, 560 mi bike, 131 mi run). I also recently just completed 8 Ironman races in 8 consecutive days in Switzerland (Ironman x 8 or 19.2 mi swim, 896 mi bike, 209.6 mi run)

Besides being an athlete, I also love coaching and helping people see and achieve their potential in endurance sports. My athletes’ goals become my goals. It is so much rewarding to witness my athletes improve and reach utmost performance in sports while still maintaining a balance life, with no injury and in good health.

I am also a consulting manager/engineer, triathlon & running coach, motivational speaker, model, food enthusiast, animal lover, entrepreneur and success addict.

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